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Kontakt: HoffmannMartinaMichaela@gmail.com

Martina Michaela Hoffmann, MSc

Bräuhausgasse 67 Top15

1050 Wien

Austria / Europe


Mater in Psychosocial Counselling
Psychological Counsellor
Trainer, Supervisor
Elementary Pedagogue

Martina Michaela Hoffmann, MSc (in short: Tina Ho) has been working with families and individuals form a wide variety of international backgrounds from the Australia, Spain, Singapore, England, Norway, Sweden, the U.S., France, South Africa, Brazil, ......

She offers her services in English and German language, bringing over 20 years of experience in Counselling Children and Families, and training Teachers and Counsellors.

Tina received her Master degree in Psychosocial Counselling from Danube University/Austria.
In Thailand and China she co-founded two Counselling Centers, and pioneered the annual Child-Trauma-Conference in China. Tina is the author of three Transition and Trauma related Booklets for children and adults.
Tina grew up in
Germany and Austria and lived the P.R.China, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Tina raised her three adult daughters in two continents and five countries. She now lives in Vienna / Austria and travels to Germany frequently.
She believes that every human being deserves to be seen, heard, and responded to with love.