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Martina Michaela Hoffmann, MSc

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1050 Wien

Austria / Europe

Counselling & Debriefing

for Families and Individuals


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You don’t want to do it alone anymore? 

Being listened to and receiving love can be your starting point. I am here to support you!



Parenting and Child Counselling

  • Your child shows difficult behaviours or emotions ? 

  • Something unusual happened to your child? 

  • Your child does not ‘function’ as usual?

Child Counselling will help your child relieve symptoms and find new options for well being. Parenting Counselling supports you to help your child.


Family Counselling

  • Improving your family’s resilience

  • Even one minute of focused attention and care can influence a person’s life and the whole family for the better 

Family Counselling will help you with effective relationship building from the heart.


Adult Counselling

  • Loosing important relationships and new beginnings

  • Intercultural challenges

  • Is it selfish to care for your own needs?

Adult Counselling will help you to focus on your heart and goals, relief stress and help you become the best version of yourself.

Transition Debriefing

  • Good bye's, moving and loss are part of an International lifestyle

  • Preparing and debriefing yourself and your family can make a long lasting difference to adjusting well

Transition Debriefing supports you and your children through the process of change.

My Transition Debriefing is tailored to your family’s specific needs and ages.


Follow-up Support 

  • Flourishing despite change and loss

  • A listening ear and understanding heart can make all the difference

I accompany you through your changes, no matter where you are located. You write your thoughts, and I accompany you by written message and voice recording, as well as through online sessions.


How to:

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