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Tina has been providing training for our staff in China for over 4 years now, the time spent together learning under her teaching has made a deep and real impact on our staff and children. Skilfully and personally Tina and her team helped us work through problems and begin to understand our own and the children’s needs. Thanks to their training and involvement we face our work with fresh insight, hope and understanding. Our team have been greatly influenced by their training, we have been brought together with a heart language that is helping bring greater healing and hope to the children we work with.  Thank you!

Alison Kennedy, International China Concern

Why I recommend this training

When I attended the 'Trauma-smart Relationship Building Module'I found it had a very good balance between theory and practical application

Role-play demonstrations helped me to understand the teaching better. Case studies helped me to understand children as a whole person.

I was able to see how attachment styles can affect us when we are adults. One of the main things that spoke to me was about connecting with children in a safe way.

With the skills that I learnt through this training, I now look for ways to connect with the people in my life better. I have discovered that it is more import to connect with someone on a heart level than just to talk with someone.

I would recommend this training to everyone, as it not only helps when working with children, but it will also impact relationships around you.

Lynden, Australia